Are you looking for Finnish language course for yourself or your company's employees?

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Jutta Kosola

Fantastic Finnish

Fantastic Finnish offers Finnish language training for individuals and companies. Diversity of people, settings, learning needs and goals demand customizable teaching. I offer personalized online courses for both individuals and small groups. The learner is always the main focus. Together, we will find the most suitable and effective way to learn Finnish. As a teacher, I bring joy, enthusiasm, and encouragement to every session. With a big heart combined with more than 20 years of teaching experience, I offer Finnish language expertise that is tailored to each individual student. Ultimately, the goal of learning is to guide a student towards self-direction, when they have the ability and motivation to continue learning Finnish independent from the instructor.


I offer personalized and flexible online teaching for both individuals and small groups. Together with the customer, I always design the training that best meets the customer’s needs and goals.

yksityisopetus yksityisopettaja suomen kielen yksityisopetus

Private customer

Do you want to study Finnish privately? Or do you want to share costs and look for a teacher who could teach you and your friends at the same time?

I offer Finnish language teaching for 90 euros (incl. VAT) / 45 minutes. The price is the same for both private lessons (teacher + student only) and group lessons (teacher + 2-4 students).

yksityisopetus yksityisopettaja suomen kielen yksityisopetus

Company customer

How good are the Finnish language skills of your company’s employees? Is communication cristal clear with everyone? How do you make sure nobody feels left out in your team?  The Finnish language training offered by the employer can be a binding and motivating factor for the employee.

I offer 45 minutes of effective lessons for 90 euros (+VAT). The price is the same for both individuals and a small groups (2-4 people).

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