Efficient use of time for a working person

Finnish language course for your company’s employees – 90 euros (+VAT) / 45 minutes 

Efficient use of time for a working person. Time is of the essence. Less is often more. Recurring, regular teaching and guidance in small doses are more effective than intensive, multi-week language courses.
The greatest work in learning is done by the learner themselves. Time spent with a teacher is time well spent when a student receives feedback on their skills, answers to mind-boggling questions, guidance on useful exercises, and encouragement to continue learning. In my experience, 45 minutes is the amount of time students are most able to actively participate in receiving and synthesizing new information. If lessons are longer, concentration begins to decrease and the learning process becomes inefficient and more difficult.

Instruction Fee

I offer 45 minutes of effective lessons for 90 euros (+VAT). 

The price is the same for both individuals and a small groups (2-4 people). 

It is essential for the functioning of group teaching that the members of the group have approximately the same level of language skills. 

The ideal rhythm for learning is a lesson once a week.

Customized teaching from the beginning

I am happy to design a Finnish language training package that best serves your individual needs. In addition to your company’s requests, each client’s unique learning style and requirements are considered. We would begin this process by assessing the Finnish language skills and expectations of your group of students. Studying in a suitable small group is both effective and rewarding.

Teaching Finnish with a lifetime of professional experience

I offer over 20 years of professionalism, enthusiasm, and knowledge of teaching the Finnish language at all levels with a broad diversity of students. In particular, I have expertise in different matters related to the integration of immigrants and am able to provide guidance on the Finnish culture and way of life. The foundation of my teaching style is to provide continuous assessment of language skills and learning, inspiring and challenging learning tasks, encouraging feedback, and a positive atmosphere. I instruct the student to discover new learning opportunities in their own lives and to boldly take on what they have learned. I personally keep in touch with your company, report on the progress of the course, and attend to your company’s needs with a sensitive ear. 

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